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tions Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Simple Machines
Learning Modules
Learning Modules
Step into the world of engineering through these fun, interactive learning modules. At your own pace learn about topics such as communications, environmental engineering and simple machines.

Forests are complex ecosystems. They house animals, provide food and even help clean up the air we breathe. How much do you know about forests and trees?

Complete this module and learn about:
Wood and forests
Caring for trees
Tree systems
Properties of wood
Uses of wood
Forestry industry

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We have been studying flight for hundreds of years, but did you know the first flight was only about a hundred years ago? Do you understand all the princples of flight?

Complete this module and learn about:
The history of flight
The inspiration for flight
The four forces of flight
The Bournoulli Principle
Flying machines
Aeronautical engineers

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Computers are everywhere. We use them everyday at home, at work, at school. But do you really know what a computer is and do you have any idea how a computer works?

Complete this module and learn about:
The history of computers
What's inside computers
What's inside hardware
What bits and bytes are
What logic gates are

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Construction is about how to put things together in a logical and complete way. In engineering terms, construction is a field in civil engineering that has to do with the planning, designing and building of structures (homes, hospitals, bridges, airports etc.) and infrastructure.

Complete this module and learn about:
The history of construction
Major construction projects
Remarkable construction achievements
Modern day construction
Stages of construction
Organizations and management

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Communications Engineering

We do it everyday. We do it with our friends, our family, our teachers. We send and receive messages. We communicate.

Complete this module and learn about:
The definition and forms of communications
The sender, receiver and message
Tools and methods of communications
Early Aboriginal communications
Networks and telecommunications
Native communications engineers
Your possible future

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Environmental Engineering

The environment is all around us. Everything we do affects the environment and the environment affects the way we live.

Complete this module and learn about:
What makes up the environment
How humans impact the environment
Aboriginal people and the environment
Scientific terms for the environment
The E.A.G.L.E. project

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Simple Machines

What do ramps, screws and wedges have to do with engineering? Why do mountain paths zigzag instead of going straight up the mountain?

Complete this module and learn all about:
Six types of simple machines  
How simple machines work  
How simple machines helped Aboriginal people survive  
Work, force and distance  
How mechanical engineers solve problems  
Products designed by mechanical engineers  

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